fine layer of sweat trickled down Collette’s face and her body swayed forward, she wished it were over. She stole a peek at the ground through her rapidly flickering eye lids, the two black boots were still there, rooted to the earth, faintly dusted by the golden pollen of the sunflowers. Collette squeezed her eyes tighter thinking how she would die surrounded by flowers and imagined the snapping of their thick woody stems as her dead body tumbled amongst them...” - An excerpt from 'The Sunflower Field'
The Enigma Machine
ENIGMA, a code with 158 trillion configurations; considered unbreakable. In 1932, three Polish mathematicians, not only cracked it but their intelligence, shared with the Allies on the eve of World War II, became the foundation for subsequent wartime code-breaking efforts. As the Nazi war machine swallowed up Europe, they continued their work from the shadows of a tiny chateau
Entrance to the Chateau
in southern France. Courage, determination and brilliance were a winning combination, yet history has largely forgotten them, until now.

The Sunflower Field is their story, interwoven with a fictitious story set in 2010 about the solving of a second world war mystery.
Marian Rejewski
Henryk Zygalski
Jerzy Różycki

When Sophie seeks to find an unnamed treasure referenced in a letter to her grandfather from 1944, she unknowingly travels to the same French town where the cryptologists had hidden and discovers their astonishing tale; their involvement with the Resistance and their harrowing escape into Spain. The Sunflower Field, a story about incredible people and how the secrets they left behind reach out to effect the present.